About Helen

Helen Zoller is a mixed media visual artist, inspired by the beauty of the world at large in all its forms. The immense power and infinite divinity of the feminine, nature, romance, and beauty deeply inspire her. 

An Ohio native, Helen first launched into knowing more of the world by setting off to study at the University of the Arts London, followed by the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. Her studies in Photography and Visual Communications helped bridge the space between the world she experiences and the world she envisions.

Her growing expertise and her refined ability to feel into spaces and emulate emotions into physical installations made her a trusted asset for major studios such as Universal, and retailers such as Rolling Greens and HD Buttercup; for everything from merchandising and display, to sourcing and discovering, as well as installation art. 

Helen is currently working on installation pieces that play with perception, color, vibrancy, and light. All works are captured moments in focus, color, and environment; interpreted in ways each viewer has the pleasure of divining.